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Bike Service

Southern Cal’s Top Tech Center

Diego Viasus directs our team of tech pros to improve the performance, fun, and safety of every bike.  We offer comprehensive tune-up packages and ala carte repair services. Our big stock of popular service parts insures a quick turnaround time. Learn more about our bicycle service packages and visit us today for more information.

Service Menu

Quick Tune

  • A Quick Pre-Ride Basic Check Over
  • Check over the bike to make sure the brakes, shifting, wheels, tires, drive train and suspension are in good working order. Correct air pressure and lube the chain. Minor adjustments will be performed as needed.

Standard Tune

  • Recommended for Routine Service
  • Comprehensive Wear and Tear Evaluation of Components.
  • Adjust Brakes, Gears, Headset, Bottom Bracket and Hubs.
  • Minor Wheel Truing.
  • Lubricate Chain, Cables, Derailleur and Brake Pivots.
  • Basic Wipe Down.
  • Dirty bike + $15  |  Muddy bike + $25

Expert Tune

  • Performance Tune and Detailed Cleaning
  • Our Standard Tune Plus:
  • Remove and Clean Chain, Freewheel/Cassette, Crank Arms, and Bottom Bracket (threaded only).
  • Removed Parts Will Be Cleaned in an Eco Friendly Water Based Solution.
  • Parts Will Be Re-Installed, Lubricated and Adjusted to Factory Specifications.
  • Clean and Polish Frame and Fork.
  • Detail Clean Wheels and All Components.
  • Basic Suspension Adjustments (SAG).
  • Includes installation of shift and brake inner wires if needed.
     Bikes with internally routed cables and/or requiring cable housing replacement will incur an additional labor fee.
    Muddy bike + $25

Elite Tune

  • If your bike has been neglected for a few years or you just want a complete re-build
  • Our Expert Tune Plus:
  • Complete Removal of All Components Down to the Bare Frame.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation of All Components for Wear.
  • Cleaning of Parts in Eco Friendly Water-Based Solution.
  • Detail Clean Frame and Fork. 
  • Overhaul Headset, Hubs and Bottom Bracket.
  • Install Cables/Housing, Brake Pads, Handlebar Tape/Grips.
  • Installation of Standard Tires.
  • All Parts Installed, Lubricated and Adjusted to Factory Specifications.
  • Gloss paint finishes receive an extra coat of wax for added protection. We only use professional quality products from Adam's Polishes.
    Suspension overhauls are subject to additional charges.
    Tubeless and tubular (sew-up) tires will incur an additional labor charge based on the parts & labor involved.
    Brake bleeding additional.
    Price does not include replacement parts.

Bike Assembly Rates

Assemble Boxed Bike: $100 (Road or MTB)

Assemble Boxed E-Bike: $150 (We only work on bike shop quality brands)

Assemble Frame-Up: $150 (If frame and parts kit purchased here)
$250 (If purchased outside)
 Add: $50 if disc brake and/or $50 if electric shift

$10 Discount on all packages for bikes purchased here. Every bike service is available at an individual price.

Cost of parts is not included in service package price.
Only Specialized original equipment and/or approved replacement parts are installed in Specialized bike services, unless customer specifies otherwise.