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About South Bay Cycle

Proudly Serving Southern Cal

Our team of expert advisors, factory-trained technicians, and buyers are the best in Southern California. Bike fanatic or just getting started…we have everything you need to make cycling fantastic and affordable.

Bob, Frenk, Alan, Kris, Sean, and Diego.

Celebrating 50 Years in the Bike Biz!

From the small size of our new shop in Manhattan Beach, guests are surprised to learn that it is actually our 15th store since our young cycling fanatic founders Alan & Suzy Goldsmith, pictured, opened their first shop July 4,1971.  It was named Bikecology, and operated solely by Suzy, who grew up in Torrance. Alan joined later.  It quickly expanded and by 1980, there were 5 West LA area shops and the thriving Supergo mail order catalog that reached 750,000+ cyclists. As the bike industry matured, the business needed re-engineering to prepare for the coming major changes in retailing.

To read our full history, click here.

Our Team

Jim Whitsett worked with Alan to organize our shop until his untimely heart attack death 2 weeks before opening. Jim spent 35 years in the bicycle industry starting as a kid helper. Alan hired Jim in 1998, where he  progressed to manage USA's #1 volume bike shop---Supergo Santa Monica, USA's #1 volume Specialized dealer for 15+ years.   Jim grew up in South Bay and always hoped to own a shop here. Learning that Specialized needed a dealer. With strong support from Jim's large network of cycling friends, he and Alan created South Bay Cycle as a Specialized "Concept Store." Our service level, value proposition, and product quality reflect Jim and Alan's vision, character, and mission. Most of our staff are former colleagues and/or friends of Jim. 

Sean Flynn, General Manager: Sean was helping us set up the shop when Jim died. We're fortunate that he was available to step into Jim's role. Sean started at Supergo in 1991, managed its famous Fountain Valley shop, and went on to own three prominent shops in Orange County until 2019. Read more in "full story."

Diego Viasus, Service Director:  30+ years experience and certified by every high tech component manufacturer.  Many serious cyclists won't let anyone else touch their bike. 

Lauren Mulwitz, MS, a biomechanics professional, is our fit specialist who applies her education as well as racing background during the bike fit process.  Lauren’s fittings are performed in her own lab in Redondo Beach, by appointment. Learn more about our bike fit services.

Alan Goldsmith, owner handles advertising, website, finance, and special projects. 2021 marks his 50th year in the bicycle business. His experience includes opening 19 shops or facilities, creating the first pro bike gear mail order catalog (1973), the first bike web site (1997), manufacturing private label bikes and gear, and consulting several famous bike brands---including Specialized---in marketing, retailing, and other operations. 

We Can’t Wait to Meet You

Our promise is to deliver you state-of-art products and superior services to make your cycling fun, healthy, safe and affordable. As a Specialized Concept Shop, we carry everything made by Specialized - the world’s leading performance and quality brand.